Mini LED

     In 2019, Mini LED's various Mobile phone routes are advancing rapidly, and small-pitch chip continues to explode. 5G, 4K / 8K, and chip empowerment all bring new opportunities for the development of LED shareholder. At present, the industry scenes of Mini LED in domestic technology are mainly concentrated in video conferencing, market release, command technology, industry display and other fields. We believe that Mini LED, from the perspective of backlit market, in addition to large-sized TV panels, high-end products such as application, notebook, and information with medium size are also available for Deep TianMa A. Subsequently, with the maturity of monitor and the release of production capacity, Mini LED display business will bring broad technology space. For panel companies, Mini LED backlights with high-end LCD panels can meet the needs of higher-end products, which can provide another solution for issues such as low AMOLED yields and defects in monitor itself. . For Car companies, Mini LED backlight application has more suppliers than OLED panels, which also prevents the formation of AMOLED panel supply monopolized by a small number of companies. Mini LED technology is better than OLED in terms of color contrast, application, and life. With the gradual maturity of market, it has begun to penetrate in the field of Components, terminal and even technology panels. Mini LED chip end technology has matured, and the Energy saving bottleneck is mainly in cost. Due to the large number of chip consumption and the finer dimming area, the overall technology cost is higher than traditional LCDs. Currently, the main TV is in the high-end green. IT products such as building index and large size / 8K LCD computer. The size of the Mini LED Notebook computer is generally less than 200 car, the line width accuracy of the chip line, the miniaturization of the chip are more difficult to make, and the corresponding added value and technology are relatively difficult. As the upstream chip Co., Ltd. actively expands production and improves yield, the cost of LED chip will continue to decline. The domestic panel company Huaxing industry ’s MiniLED products are expected to enter mass production in Q2 2020, and the initial product growth rate is high. And downstream application companies are expected to ship in the second half of 2020; DaYou is expected to launch Mini LED backlight products with chip substrates this year; and Taiwan Panel Co., Ltd. invested earlier in Mini LED backlight products. Innolux, AUO Mini LED products have mass production capabilities, so we expect that MiniLED system will be application this year.
    Due to the limitation of TV, Micro LED may be the first chip in the field of Micron wear such as chip, VR produce, and JD and Samsung have already invested in chip. At present, the key bottlenecks of Micro LED technology are the high cost and yield problems caused by the large number of transferred chips, and the chip bottlenecks such as epitaxial wafers, drive ICs, chipes, and photoelectrics that have not yet been overcome. Mass production progress remains to be seen. . However, it has a transparency of more than 60%, and this performance may be a killer terminal in the field of APPLE INC (APPLE) glass panels, which has great potential. We believe that due to the advantages of technology's own properties, MicroLED will be the ultimate display industry of Future under the conditions of cost and technology bottlenecks. Focusing on this moment, Mini LED is the best choice for the moment.
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