Transparent LED Display is leading the fashion trend

Transparent LED Display is leading the fashion trend.
   Reviewing the history of LED display development,the transparent LED display’s born has great impact on the whole industry. But what is transparent LED display? Is it really transparent like glass wall?
  Led transparent screen is a kind of super transparent LED display screen with hollow display technology, which has a maximum penetration rate of more than 90%. Transparent Led screen is often called "led glass screen" because it can be installed close to the glass.            
With the characteristics of high permeability, high heat dissipation and light and fashionable appearance, led transparent screen has gradually become the new favorite of LED display industry, and has been widely used in large-scale commercial complex, airport, high-speed railway station, subway station, glass curtain wall, large-scale dance performance and other fields.
The transparent LED display market potential is huge,however there are also many problems.
①There is no industry standard.  ② Lack of design, product design depth.  ③ The technology is mature and the industrial chain tends to be complete.So How to stand out from the industry becomes many companies’ problem.
With the new product design concept, Shenzhen Super Visual Co,.Ltd (Svisual)transparent led display becomes an independent school.By the time people are producing P3.91-7.81 normal type, Svisual has focused on the fine pitch transparent led display,such as P2.6-5.2,P2.936-5.952.And the cabinet,they use die cast aluminum,it is special and lighter.The special mask design can protect the led lamp from the collision.GOB press film technology makes the screen better ventilation and heat dissipation and the front protection class is IP65,there is no problem of transparent PC cover yellowing after high temperature.
Svisual transparent led display can be DIY,it easy to assemble and repair by clients is safety, anti-collision, anti moisture, anti dust, anti-static.It can be both fixed and hung.As for the brightness,it can be over 4500cd/㎡ but save power more than 30% compared with others’ same brightness.It is popular with so many advantages.
Now,transparent LED display has become a new bright spot of multimedia advertising media in modern cities in China.And I believe that Svisual’s product will be the brightest.
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